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Anti Shock Pet Dog Car Seat Belt Clip ISOFIX Bungee Lead, Boot or Seat Fit

Anti Shock Pet Dog Car Seat Belt Clip ISOFIX Bungee Lead, Boot or Seat Fit

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Maximum Safety:

The high cost of items is a result of the unrelenting pursuit of product excellence. However, the EKODE dog seat belt's added level of safety makes it well worthwhile. The EKODE great dog seat belt is without a doubt your finest option if you want the maximum level of safety.

Nylon Strap:

Genuine nylon webbing is extremely durable and able to resist high tension. The dog vehicle belt is comprised of high-quality nylon webbing that is 25mm wide and 1.9mm thick, significantly superior than similar items. Its safety won't be compromised in the least by prolonged use.

Aerospace Aluminum Snap Hook:

Engineering mechanics has confirmed the hook's design, and it only weighs 16g.This product's hook can endure a maximum strain of 350 kg to guarantee complete dependability while operation. The mechanical locking system's design can prevent the hook from inadvertently opening during operation. The product's free rotation design can guarantee that the rope won't twist or knot while the dog moves naturally.

System for absorbing energy:

Dog car belt features an ultra-high buffer energy absorption design with up to 600N/m. This energy absorption device can lessen the strain on dogs' ability to respond to emergencies. Dogs of all sizes can use this product because its length range can be modified from 60 to 80 cm.


Car belts are appropriate for the various car spaces. It can be used in the child safety seat socket (ISOFIX) adjacent to the seat, the safety belt buckle next to the seat, and the trunk (LATCH). Dogs' range of motion may be restricted so as not to impair the driver. In case of emergency, I fixed the dog in the car. (TIP When using this item, a dog harness is recommended.

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